Chasing castles is the joint effort of a Cheltonian couple; My name is Udi and I am passionate about history, and my partner Sivan is keen on photography. Together we have embarked on a quest to explore this country’s beautiful historic estates.

Our interest in British castles and stately homes began in 2017, when we stumbled upon Sudeley Castle in the heart of the Cotswolds. Next followed Ragley Hall and by the third visit we were hooked.

Regardless of the size of the house or castle, how luxurious the interiors are or how famous its owners were, every site we visited seemed to have some juicy stories and anecdotes to tell. Stories through which the history of these isles comes alive.

Some stories were shared by the volunteers or local guides on site (and sometimes you do need to squeeze it out of them ūüôā but many more were revealed through our research work. On this site, we share with you the stories we collect, and we hope it will enhance your experience wherever you plan to visit

During our ‚Äúcastle chasing‚ÄĚ, we noticed that the properties best remembered are those that gave each visitor something to enjoy: And although there is plenty of information for visitors available online, none of it really talks about the visiting experience itself. So, we felt we should not only review each place we visit, but also mark the best ones, pretty much like the Michelin Guide.

We hope you will enjoy exploring the site as much as we enjoyed chasing castles.


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